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Those who have played some intense rounds in Wii Sports Resort’s Sword Dueling game can tell you that while the Wii MotionPlus may initially work great, a few powerful sword swings can upset the calibration. When this happens, your Mii will still mimic your movements, but from a different starting position as yourself. You may be holding the sword directly in front of you, but your Mii can be holding it to the far left.

Fortunately, Nintendo remedies this problem with the sensor bar. Whenever the Wii Remote picks up the infrared light coming from the sensor bar, it recalibrates itself. This results in the Wii Remote constantly correcting itself throughout your game.

You can also correct it yourself. In most game modes, you can hit down on the d-pad to force your Mii to re-center what he or she is holding. As long as you’re holding the Remote directly in front you as you do it, your actions should sync up and it will be working fine again.

Sensor Bar Problems
The Sensor Bar and Wii Remote operate using infrared lights. Unfortunately, other things give off infrared light as well – including the sun. This can cause interference while playing. If you are having trouble, the best solution is to limit the amount of light shining towards the televisio, from both the sun and inside sources. If this isn’t as easy as turning off a switch or closing some blinds, and you are constantly having problems, you may want to think about rearranging your setup completely.

Does the Wii MotionPlus really work?
In the end, is the MotionPlus all it’s said to be? The consensus seems to be overwhelmingly positive, with some comparing the upgrade to the difference between VHS and Blu-ray. And yes, not DVD, but Blu-Ray! That’s quite an improvement. For a more detailed review, you can check out free shipping Wiimote MotionPlus with Wii Remote Controller, 1 x Silicone Case for Remote, 1 x Wrist Strap included (ONLY $19.5).
wii remote

Sensor Wall Mount for Xbox 360

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Many people make lots of money from the comfort of home with internet marketing. Enlisting the support of a good coach can short-cut your learning curve dramatically.

These people are the tried and true professionals of online business. A lot of the joined the dotcom revolution from the bottom and rode the trends as they peaked and troughed. By taking advantage of their experience in both success and failure, you can capitalize on their smart moves and avoid making some of the mistakes they made.

An excellent internet marketing mentor will guide you through technical and professional aspects of website building and traffic generation. A lot of people tend to focus on one over the other and that’s a mistake, as a well-designed Web site with no charisma will fail just as badly as a site with a lot of personality that’s designed poorly.

Choosing the right mentor is vital. No one wants to pay for bad advice. To make sure you’re getting the most for your money when selecting an Internet marketing mentor, check for the following:

A track record of success

A good Internet marketing mentor will be able to point to successful sites under his banner and will also be able to refer you to others that he’s helped.


Anyone with a computer and a little technical know-how can start a Web site. However if you want to find the best possible advisers, select one will a good history or college degree.


Check out Internet forums and message boards for the Internet marketing mentor you’re thinking about going with. Chances are he will be able to help you if he has as good online credentials. There will always be one or two people with a gripe, but if there’s a flood of complaints about the mentor you’re thinking about hiring, you may want to think a little harder about hiring him.

A qualified, reputable mentor can help you get a head start on your new business, or help you kick your existing business into high gear. Often moving up to the next level is something that really stalls an online business person.

Select the right internet marketing mentor and you will be on your way in no time.

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Probably the number one thing that stops people from trying to take money on the Internet is they do not have a website. This is a valid concern that we will address in this article. I will give you a few different ways you can use the Internet to make money and you do not need a website of your own.

1. Join a get paid to program. You are probably aware of these although you may not know of them as to get paid to programs.

This would include things such as get paid to take surveys, get paid to read emails, get paid to do data entry, and get paid to type at home. Many people think these opportunities are scams when in reality this is not true.

There are many legitimate opportunities to get paid to do things and you do not need a website to do it. All you need is some free time and a computer with Internet access.

Some Internet marketers make money by selling information on how to do these sorts of things. That’s okay as long as you are getting quality information that will help you get started.

2. Become an affiliate marketer. Affiliate merchants will give you a website that has your ID number built into it.

Your job is to promote your affiliate website on the Internet. Every time somebody purchases a product from your website you make a commission.

Many people start affiliate marketing programs every day. However many people quit when they realize that it is competitive and you must learn how to promote your website. If you’re willing to do this you can make as much money as you want.

3. Do email marketing. The best way to do this is by building mailing list of subscribers. Over time as you build rapport with them you can begin to sell products such as affiliate products in your email messages.

You focus on building your list and then selling affiliate products and you will not need your own website. The larger your list becomes the more potential money you can make.

4. Write articles. Article writers are in big demand on the Internet today. You can do everything from copywriting, and blog writing, to article marketing and writing autoresponder messages. If you enjoy writing you can earn a full-time living.

5. Start a free blog. is owned by Google and it’s free to start a blog with them. You should also join Google Adsense and put some ads on your blog. When people click on those you make money.

These are five different ways to make money on the Internet without a website. All of these are legitimate and can be started right away.

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Professional Internet marketer Mark Babcock helps average people make money on the internet and create extraordinary incomes from home. If you are looking for extra money ideas visit his website and check how to earn money on the Internet with CashCrate.

Affiliate marketing is one of the oldest, most inexpensive ways for anyone to earn money from operating a website on the Internet. Thousands of people have succeeded at this form of advertising over the years, and at zero cost to themselves. That’s because when you’re an affiliate of a successful business, you don’t pay to advertise their products. They pay you. It helps the company that hires you and it helps you to earn money from your hard work on all your website content.

There are two primary forms of marketing in most venues: on-site and off-site. Some people market their affiliate merchandise in search engines, using a pay-per-click model that lets them pay for successful click-throughs to products. Other people prefer to ad affiliate advertising to the pages of their website, giving people that visit the opportunity to support the site by purchasing items directly from site advertisements.

Affiliate programs pay by action, click, or sale. Action programs allow affiliates to earn money when a visitor or customer clicks on an advertisement and signs up for something, even something free. A per sale affiliate earns money when a visitor clicks on a link and then buys something from that click. Clicks are paid by click, usually a flat rate amount such as .05 a click. It can really add up if you get a lot of traffic and are able to convince many people to click on your ads.

Affiliate marketing has made some people rich, while allowing others to earn a comfortable living or plenty of additional income. It’s something that doesn’t happen overnight but there are a lot of affiliate marketers that have learned how to operate the system well and know how to garner serious glory from their pursuits. All of these affiliates began with some doubt about whether or not it could be done. By the end of their journey, they had money in hand to support the reality that yes, it can happen.

If you’re interested in earning money from content, or learning the finer points of pay-per-click marketing in search engines, it’s time to make something happen. No matter what kind of glory you get, there will be money going into your bank and giving you new financial freedom just for doing what you love. You can share your ideas online and earn money from doing so. You’ll also be supporting a lot of great online businesses that love to reward people for promoting their products.

Affiliate marketing takes determination, hard work, and research. If you’re up to the challenge, you’ll eventually enjoy the big payoff. That’s what is considered the glory of affiliate marketing and you’ll know it the moment your first paycheck arrives.

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Steve Duval is a Successful Internet Marketer Helping Others Learn the Skills required to Be Able To make Money Online . To Find Out More About Steve and how he can help you

Mondelis, Mondelis, Mondelis…

Is she a scam, is she a money maker, or is she just another website taking up space on the World Wide Web?

Let’s let you be the judge of that.

We could sit here and chat all day about what this new mlm company Mondelis is, but honestly I don’t think either one of us wants to do that. You have probably read a dozen pages that do a great job of that.

If not, you can go ahead and do a real fast Yahoo! search. Last time I checked 30,000 results came up. There are some great websites. You can go ahead and check that out, but not before you read this article.

In reality it really does not matter what Mondelis is, and frankly I don’t think it’s my job to tell you. I think my job is just to simply make sure that you make as much money as possible with it.

That’s what you want right?

If not check out Facebook, it’s free.

Now the big question is: how are you going to get money in your pockets within the next 60 days using some company named Mondelis?

Well I can tell you this much. It’s not going to be by passing out flyers at the mall, and local bridges (the bums don’t actually want a job!).

But there is one thing that I heard once.

Some people around the world have been talking about this crazy phenomenon called “marketing”, and I guess people are getting filthy rich doing it.

Crazy thing about it is. Might as well start at the heart of the matter. What all internet companies require.. Internet Marketing.


1. blog with domain name.
2. A keyboard
3. An article about a “money making” keyword
4. a video camera
5. 1 to 2 minute video.

That will do it. This is a small portion of my big marketing strategy. This small portion is called Blodeo marketing.

It’s just a little strategy that will actually get your unique content(self written), and seventy backlinks to your blog instantaneously.

First take out your wordpress blog, keyword, and keyboard.

Now you can write a five hundred to eight hundred word post about the keyword that you have already chosen. If you do not know what a keyword is, or how to do keyword research, I would advice checking that out before you continue.

All you have to do now is publish that article onto your website, and there you have it, fresh unique content chilling on your webpage.

Download the wordpress plugin called onlywire, and submit that post to the social bookmarking services getting you roughly 20 backlinks.

Now take out your video camera and make a 1 to 2 minute video PROMOTING that blog post that you just wrote.

This should be real simple even if you are shy behind the camera. If you are a little shy, don’t worry at first everyone is the exact same way. To be honest, you just can’t let that keep you from getting what you deserve. It’s one of those things that comes around with practice and lots of it.

You really only have to say 5 sentences that is in that blog post, and you are done.

Now you can go out and get the free month of Traffic Geysor, which will allow you to submit that video to 50 different video sharing websites.

In all honesty, it’s not about the number of views on the video. The number of people watching them is really irrelevant because you have just gotten yourself fifty more free backlinks.

You have worked for an hour tops, and you have more backlinks that have of internet marketers have ever gotten.

That’s the power of content creation.

Do you have it working for you?

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That internet marketing has a steep learning curve is not a position with which many people would argue. To a novice, the range of skills that are needed to run a successful online business can appear incredibly daunting.

So why is it that so many who attempt to break into this field, give up; not near the beginning of their journey when the mountain of knowledge that must be climbed seems insurmountable, but months or even years later when their abilities and experience in internet marketing has never been greater?

Could it be, that the internet marketing niche has its very own “Uncanny Valley”?

If you’re not familiar with the term, the Uncanny Valley is a term that is used to explain the eerie and revolting nature of realistic looking, humanoid robots.

Uh-oh! Tenuous link alert? No, really, bear with me.

The theory goes that as humanoid robots become more detailed and life-like, their resemblance to humans comes ever closer. But, at a certain point in the progression, only a little way before becoming indistinguishable from the real thing, the humanoid robot’s resemblance to a living, breathing human, plummets.

At this point, the robot appears LESS human and, worse, becomes something creepy, unnatural and鈥?well鈥?uncanny.

If you then continue to make the robot appear MORE human, it isn’t long before the sinister quality fades away and it begins to appear more lifelike. If we were to continue on this course, on outward appearances at least, it would eventually be impossible to tell it apart from the real thing.

The reason this phenomenon is called the Uncanny Valley is clear once you plot it on a graph comparing how many life-like qualities a robot has, against our emotional reaction to it.

Image of Uncanny Valley Graph:

What is unusual about this graph is that, once the resemblance has plunged into the nightmarish depths of a Doctor Who episode, shortly afterwards, the progression recovers. The result is a narrow, but deep valley (hence the name).

Usually when something is made more detailed, or improved, its effectiveness at accomplishing its purpose increases. The rate of increase may vary, but to improve something and, at some point, start to see it become LESS effective, is hard to comprehend.

For example, if you make a painting of a cat more detailed and more accurate, it increasingly resembles its subject. It doesn’t, at some point, suddenly start looking like an alien.

If you constantly increase the amount you eat, you will steadily increase in size. There isn’t a point on the scale, where overeating suddenly causes drastic weight loss.

If you exercise and train regularly, your stamina will improve accordingly. There’s no drop-off point where exercising suddenly makes you become weak and unfit.

The Uncanny Valley effect, is most definitely not a common event.

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To read the rest of this article, please go to To read more articles by David Congreave, go to The Lucid Blog

For article marketing there are basically two steps, find a keyword, submit after writing the article. Finding the keywords is the real challenge. You want to focus on keywords that have a decent number of monthly searches but not too much competition.

Hint, stay away from the keywords that have hundreds of thousands of monthly searches. These keywords will be guaranteed to have high competition ( if they don’t it means that the niche they are in isn’t a profitable niche and you wouldn’t want to be in that niche anyway).

You’ll notice that I glazed over the whole writing of the article. Why? Because, as long as you are writing your article around a certain keyword phrase, make sure that the spelling and grammar are acceptable and offer some valuable information, the writing will pretty much take care of itself. Having a keyword phrase that you are writing your article around is like having a blue print, it’s pretty easy to follow.

If you don’t want to write, hire someone to do it for you. Make sure that you don’t overpay, though. Most of the time a well written, 500 word article shouldn’t cost you more than $5 -$10. If your article is on a highly technical subject where your writer has to do a lot of research it will cost more, but for fairly general articles that is a good rule of thumb.

Keyword research really is the first step to having a money making article. If you don’t target the right keywords your article either won’t get a very good ranking in the search engines or it won’t have enough searches monthly to make it profitable. Either way, it’s not good.

There is kind of an art to finding the right balance between a decent number of monthly searches and not a lot of competition. Generally I advise people to shoot for at least 1,500 searches a month and competition of less than 20,000. These numbers aren’t written in stone and it can vary from one niche to another. Find the parameters that work best for your niche, but when you’re just starting out, these guidelines are a good place to start.

OK, now that you’ve got your keywords picked out and your article written, it’s time to submit it. Many people get freaked out at this point. They feel like they’ll get a lot of rejection letters and that their article won’t get published. Actually, if you write a well written, informative article and you follow all the terms of service requirements, your article will get published.

There are probably hundreds of online article directories where you can submit your original article to for publication. One of the most highly regarded is This directory is almost always at the top of everyone’s list when it comes to quality article directories. For article marketing, the strength of the article directory is very important since you’ll basically be riding on that reputation.

So, even though someone will have to actually write an article, there are still two basic steps to online article marketing, finding a good keyword, submit to your writer or you write the article. Do it right and you’ll be amazed at the results you can get.

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Search engine optimization delivers predictable results. Many people might argue with that, but it’s absolutely true. I can’t think of another advertising medium that provides the data you need to precisely determine your requirements the way the web can.

From a business viewpoint, every SEO campaign should be run with the idea that there is a significant return on investment. Very often in advertising, it is somewhat of a guess relative to what you can expect. The web is much more predictable.

Establishing SEO requirements starts with an easy question. “How much revenue do you want your website to generate in the coming year?” Bear in mind that the more unreasonable the answer to this question is, the more difficult it will be to reach your target. Set achievable goals!

Once you’ve established your revenue target, you’re done. That’s it. That’s your goal! OK, so not exactly. The point is, your revenue targets are your goals. Goals should not be expressed in terms of traffic, hits, or even how much the site shows up in the search engines (but it sure helps: ). But let’s say that our sights are set on meeting our revenue targets via search engine results. That’s the purpose of an SEO campaign.

HOW MANY CLIENTS DO YOU NEED? You should be able to state clearly your revenue targets and the average annual value a client brings to your business. If you know that, then simple division will tell you how many new clients you need. You should also have a “gut feel” for how many of a hundred people on your website turn into clients. So with that, you should be able to determine how many visitors you need to generate to your site to develop those clients.

The number of visitors required is equal to the number of clicks that are required. The purpose of a good SEO campaign is to increase the number of visitors who are searching for your products and services. Successful SEO creates enough impressions on the search engine results pages (SERPS) to deliver enough visitors to meet the revenue targets.

Getting on the first page of the SERPS generates an impression, or a chance that the visitor will click on your site. Since very few people advance beyond the first page of results, a conservative SEO specialist considers the first page of the SERPS the ONLY place to be and of course number one is best if you can get it.

AOL published information showing that first place in the search results gets almost half of the organic clicks. Second gets 10-15%. Third gets 5-10%. The rest get the scraps but at least they have a chance. Conservatively, you can estimate that with a well executed SEO campaign, that you will get 5-10% (we’ll use 7%) of the search volume. In other words, on average, you’ll be somewhere on the first page. So, if you know you need 100 clicks (visitors), then you need to optimize for 100 / 7% (or 1,428) total searches (impressions).

Once you’ve established your total search volume to optimize for, you then move into keyword selection. The best strategy is to choose a broad range of keywords instead of going after the more popular ones. Remember this: Most of the time its easier to rank for many low volume keywords than a single high volume one that equals the same number of searches. Further, lower volume keywords are usually more relevant and more specific to the needs of the visitor. Ultimately, they convert better. You’ll also discover that once you know your total search volume requirements, your keywords collectively will meet the search volume requirements without extending into a range that’s impossible to optimize for. You can develop a much more practical approach to your SEO campaign.

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Greg Newell is an SEO research analyst. He owns a WSI franchise servicing Columbus, Dayton and Cincinnati. Try the SEO requirements calculator here: Search Engine Optimization Dayton

When looking for the best home based MLM business opportunity for you, you must realize that not only are there thousands of business available with thousands of product types, but they also have different levels of potential and business models.

Consider the product. Do you like them, and would you use them? Are they gimmicky? Is it a product you believe in? Are they one-time big ticket items, or will they be purchased over and over again?

Most importantly, are they products that are needed in the market by many people? If you feel confident that the business you’re looking at has quality products with great potential, then you’re ready to move on.

Look into the company itself. It’s very important for the company to have a good name. If in your research you read tons of complaints and find out about lawsuits, you should probably steer clear.

Research any claims they have concerning success, and look into how many years they’ve been in business and their growth level.

It’s literally impossible to find a company that doesn’t have some complaints, as it’s very difficult to please everyone, but if the same complaints come up time and time again, that is a red flag.

Beware of companies requiring a large sum of up-front money. These will require even more extensive research and proof of profitability. Contact your Attorney General for sure on these types of companies.

In many cases, companies that do require large sums of money to start also enable you the opportunity to make more. This is a risk/reward you’ll need to consider.

Many companies require their members to stock inventory. Find out ahead of time if they will buy back product. If not, another red flag.

Set big goals but be reasonable in your expectations. It’s a red flag if the company claims you can get rich in the short amount of time without working. Most home based businesses will take many months of consistent effort before you show a profit. However, building that base makes for a long-term venture.

With reasonable effort and a well-developed plan, you can realistically expect to make a few hundred dollars per month fairly soon with most companies.

The important thing is you actually must work. It’s simpler today to build a business faster thanks to the Internet, but can be more difficult because of the lack of personal contact. The bottom line: take your time researching the company before joining, even if it’s your best friend encouraging you to sign up. There really are many good home-based MLM business opportunities out there, but some, for the reasons mentioned above, are better suited for you than others.

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Louis Martel is the owner of one of the most popular home based MLM business opportunity websites online today. To learn secrets most home mlm opportunity seekers will never know visit it right now.

Does affiliate marketing present a huge opportunity to make money online? let us consider the advantages of affiliate marketing for a moment;

– You don’t need to create your own products

– You don’t need to fulfil the buyer’s order

– You don’t need to provide support to the buyer or answer complaints

– unlimited earnings potential

– You don’t need any special skills–anyone can do it

This list of advantages certainly presents a compelling case for the affiliate marketing opportunity but why is it that so many newbies fail to make more than a handful of sales and quickly give up on their affiliate marketing dream?

The number one reason why newbie affiliate marketers fail is they focus their time and energy on driving traffic directly to the affiliate products sales page and they miss the most crucial step in the process.

You must remember that most people don’t buy a product the first time they read the sales page, in fact research shows that on average it takes 7 contacts before the sale is made.

This means that unless you have a system in place to capture the contact details of your prospects you are leaving the majority of the money on the table.

The solution is relatively simple; you have already generated the targeted traffic so all you have to do now is present a page offering an incentive in exchange for the prospect’s email address (a quality, free report works well).

You are now able to approach your prospect again and again with the offer and you can vary the offer to highlight different benefits of the product.

If you are wise you will develop your relationship with your email list by sending regular messages containing quality content and occasional free gifts and offer them other related products to help solve their problems, this way you are actually providing a service not just trying to make a quick sale.

Think of your email list as a list of ‘customers for life’ because, properly nurtured, that is exactly what they are.

If you want to fully realize the affiliate marketing opportunity you must shift your mindset and focus on building long term relationships that earn you the right to present offers and make affiliate commissions on an ongoing basis.

Take a long term view with your affiliate marketing, dedicate your efforts to building a list of happy subscribers who look forward to receiving your emails and the money will naturally follow.

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Stuart Turnbull is a successful online marketer who has learned how to exploit the affiliate marketing opportunity. Visit Stuart at where he shares his ‘super affiliate secrets’.

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